Sunday, 4 November 2012

Day 3

So... Part 1 arrived today in the form of my nutrition plan. To be honest, I ain't as scared as I was. I really thought it was gonna be a diet of seeds and a chicken wing every meal but it's not... It's actual food! From my calculations it's 11 chicken breasts a week. That's right, a week. BOOYA! I do love chicken. One disappointment is no eggs for the first 8 weeks but hey I'll live (I hope).

Shopping at Asda/Tesco later will be fun as I'll be buying things I don't normally buy... like fruit... and spinach... Almonds... and lots of other 'nice' things. I'm really looking forward to it, the first week or so will be hard to get used to but once I get into a routine i'm sure i'll settle.

The fitness side of things is Part 2... unfortunately my injury from last week is worse than I first thought and am likely to be out for another week which is a tad annoying as I have a week of 12pm starts so was hoping to ease myself in 3 mornings this week.

On a closing note.... this blog is likely to include pictures of food that i've cooked and hopefully enjoyed... Cheery!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Day 1

For the past 10 years I have never had a real care in the world... So laidback I'm almost horizontal some would say. Chilled out. Relaxed. You get the idea.
I'm 30 years old and only now has something cause me to take note... To think about... Dare I say even worry about... What is that thing? Weight. That's what it is.
Let's be honest, I ain't the only person with a weight problem. Nor am I the only obese person in the UK. Like I said before I've never cared before or recognised it as a problem but 2012 has been different... Something changed...
*Seeing pictures of myself and thinking WTF!
*Buying tops that are now XXXL
*Noticing that the bottom button on a shirt is at belly button level so my gut hangs out
*Walking upstairs and being tired
That's when you know its time to change!
Over the past month I've been slowly changing my diet and making small changes to what I eat and drink and trying to understand the types of foods that are better for you and the times I should be eating and what each meal should include. It all seems straightforward but in all honesty I'd rather ask someone that knows... So I hired a nutritionist! That's better. So my new nutritional menu starts on Monday. That's part 1.
Part 2 is obviously the fitness side of this whole journey. I've always played football at a decent standard, I still play once a week but now its getting harder to get through games and recovery time is even longer. Apart from that 60 minutes everyweek I do nothing else. In the past 12 months I've had an endless list of niggling injuries as well as some more serious ones including tendonitis in my knee and achilles. I know getting my diet in check and upping my fitness work I'll get results so this week I joined a gym with the aim of easing myself in this week with some light workouts but on Monday I got injured again  (some bruising to bone and muscle) although I should manage some gym work on Sunday.
So that's it in a nutshell. Me and my journey ahead. I won't blog everyday. I don't have an end date. Just a journey. Join me.